Leopard Claw

NEW PRODUCT-Meet the Leopard Paw!

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Our newest release is here! More compact and chubbier, Leopard Paw was designed to provide a meaty, ergonomic grip with a less-aggressive edge. This is your go-to for every day, all-day use, and those with softer skin or less muscle tone. 

The Paw was designed to increase ergonomics and transportability due to its compact size. LeopardPaw can easily fit in your purse or pocket. Just like it's older sibling, (Leopard Claw) the Paw has a continuous treatment edge that allows scraping in any direction and can be used in either hand.

Select from two options on the finish; Etched Spots for everyday self-use or Raised Spots for the practitioner or anyone who needs just a little more grip.